The correct light for your African violet

Put your violets next to a window.

I know they may look better on the mantle or on the coffee table, but they won't grow well there. Put them there just before the dinner party, if you absolutely have to, and put them back by the window as soon as the guests have gone home.

An east (or north) window is best. If you don't know which way is east, pick a day when you can see the sun setting. Which ever window you can see it out of is west.

Then, put your violets next to a window on the opposite side of the house (east). If this is not possible, put them next to a north window.

If you don't put your violets by a window, at least put them under a grow light. Grow lights usually come with instructions as to how far away they should be from the plants, and how long the lights should be left on each day.

After you figure that out, you can connect the grow light to a light timer which will automatically turn the grow light on and off.

Light timers are available at all hardware stores. Grow lights are available at some lighting shops, and most plant nurseries.

Remember: if your plant doesn't flower, it's not getting enough light. If the leaves start to get brown edges or brown spots on them, it's getting too much light.

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