Photos of African violets

Since there are currently over 40,000 varieties of African violet in existence, it is extremely hard to choose a just handful of photos. These are a few of my favourites, identified by colour, edging, and so forth. Click on the name of the variety to take you to the photo:

BlueDecelles Triomphe MaryCraig
MauveBuckeye Calico Louisiana Lagniappe
Pink Buckeye Candy Kisses Strawberry Sundae
Purple Blackberry jam Garnet Halo
Red Omaha Thunder Buffalo Hunt
White Ice Queen Ness' Snow Cloud
Yellow Lemon Whip Golden Eye
Frilly edges Rebel's Midnight Sky Raspberry Crisp
Coloured edges Bob Serbin Raspberry Crisp
Fantasy colours Buckeye Cherry Topping Sugar Plum Dream
Interesting leaves Buckeye Cherry Pink Cajun Popcorn

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