Potting procedure

Flower pots usually come with several drainage holes in the bottom of them. Cover each one with a pebble (Use the rest of the pebbles to provide the right mini-climate for your plant: see Keeping your African violet humid).

Now fill the pot about half-full with soil. Put in your plant (or a leaf cutting with roots on it). Hold it in place in the middle of the pot, and fill up the rest of the pot with soil (using your teaspoon or very tiny shovel).

When finished, tamp all the soil down with your fingers, and add even more soil. Tamp this down as well.

If you're using plant food stakes (e.g. Jobe's Plant Food Stakes for Flowering Plants), stick 2 or more (depending on the size of the pot) into the soil.

Place the filled pot into the saucer. Fill up the saucer with tepid water.

Let the plant sit in it for about an hour. After an hour, take the pot out of the saucer. If there is any water left in the saucer, empty it out. Now you can use the saucer to provide a nice humid atmosphere for your plant (see Keeping your African violet humid).

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