Fragrant Peonies

Since different people perceive fragrance differently, what may be only a slight fragrance to one person, may be quite a strong fragrance to another. Keeping this in mind, here are some examples of peonies that are very fragrant, some what fragrant, only slightly fragrant, and not fragrant at all:

Very fragrant:

A. B. Franklin, Athelstane, Attar of Roses, Big Ben, Bride's Dream, Cheddar Supreme, Chestine Gowdy, Fairy's Petticoat, Faith Fenton, Florence Nicholls, Gold Standard, Golden Bracelet, Le Charme, Louise Lossing, Missie's Blush, Monsieur Jules Elie, Mrs. Euclid Snow, Mutliflora, My Love, Myrtle Gentry, Noémie Demay, Nymphe, White Sands

Good fragrance:

Alberta Kelsey, Anastasia, Angel Cheeks, Ann Cousins, Banner Bright, Bartzella, Bess Bockstoce, Bev, Butter Bowl, Camellia, Canary Brilliants, Candy Stripe, Clemenceau, Cora Louise, Cora Stubbs, Court Jester, Dr. Alexander Fleming, Elsa Sass, Etched Salmon, Evening Star, Festiva Maxima, Festiva Supreme, Festival Queen, First Arrival, Garden Lace, Garden Peace, Garden Treasure, Gardenia, Gilbert H. Wild, Glory Halleluja, Hillary, Ivory Victory, Kukeni Jishi, Jean Cooperman, La Donna, La France, Laura Dessert, Linda K. Jack, Lillian Gumm, Magic Moonbeam, Marie Jacquin, Marshmallow Button, Miss America, Morning Lilac, Mother's Choice, Mrs. Edward Harding, Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Mrs. Livingston Farrand, Nancy Nora, Nellie Shaylor, Nick Shaylor, Paul M. Wild, Peter Barr, Pillow Talk, Pink Hawaiian Coral, Plainsman, Prairie Charm, Princess Margaret, Rita, Sarah Bernhardt, Scarlet Heaven, Sea Shell, Serene Pastel, Show Girl, Sir John Franklin, Spiffy, Terrific Gal, Thérèse, Tom Eckhardt, Top Brass, Unknown Soldier, White Cap, White Ivory, White Lullaby, Yellow Crown

Faint fragrance:

A. G. Perry, Albert Crousse, Barrington Belle, Bu-te, Burma Midnight, Callies Memories, Candy Stripe, Cherry Royale, Circus Circus, Crazy Daisy, Dinner Plate, Doreen, Early Glow, Early Scout, Early Windflower, Fancy Nancy, Félix Crousse, Firelight, Foxtrot, Horizon, Julia Rose, Krinkled White, Little Red Gem, Lotus Queen, Maestro, Mahogany, May Music, Mister Ed, Nosegay, Pageant, Pico, Pink Luau, Pink Moon, Pink Parfait, Pink Spritzer, Raspberry Sundae, Red Grace, Red Red Rose, Salmon Jazz, Sorcerer (formerly 'Lights Out'), Sunday Chimes, Sweet Melody, The Fleece, The Nathans, Westerner, White Wings, Zuni Lad

No fragrance:

Buckeye Belle, Cardinal's Robe, Carina, Catherine Louise, Cavatina, Charles Burgess, Cherry Ruffles, Chiffon Clouds, Claudia, Color Magnet, Coral Charm, Coral 'n Gold, Crusader, Dandy Dan, Dawn Pink, Dearest, Eliza Lundy, Elizabeth Foster, Fairy Princess, Flame, Flaming Star, Friendship, Grace Root, Heavenly Pink, Henry Bockstoce, Julia Grant, Legion of Honor, M. Martin Cahuzac, Many Happy Returns, Mary Pratte, Merry Mayshine, Milton Jack, Paeonia mollis, Paeonia veitchii, Paula Fay, Pink Angel, Pink Patterns, Prosperity Maud, Rose Heart, Wind Chimes, Your Majesty

To see more detailed information about one of the peony varieties listed above, please click on the underlined name of that peony variety.

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