Here are some definitions for the (botanical) terms used:

anther: the uppermost part of the male reproductive organ; produces grains of pollen
blush: shade of very pale flesh pink
carpel: the female reproductive organ; bears the juvenile seed; same as "pistil"
cultivar: = "cultivated variety"; it's the official name given to a plant variety that originated in cultivation
filament: thin, thread-like stalk of stamen, holding up the pollen-bearing anther
floriferous: more than one bloom on a stem
foliage: leaves
guard petals: petals which form the lowest layer or ring of petals; may be slightly larger or different shade than the petals that make up the central portion of the blossom
herbaceous: a plant that does not form a woody stem; most herbaceous plants usually die down each winter and grow again in the spring
herbaceous hybrid: name used to describe a cross between different species of herbaceous peonies (i.e. do NOT have any tree peony genes)
hybrid: a plant resulting from a cross between two different species
Intersectional/Itoh hybrid: peony resulting from a cross between a herbaceous peony and a tree peony
Paeonia lactifolia: Chinese species of peony, from which many of the commercially-sold peony varieties are derived
petalode: slender (often irregular) petal, which has developed from the filament of a stamen
petaloid: same as a "petalode"
pollen: plant equivalent of sperm; a powdery yellow dust produced by the male part of a plant (the anthers)
stamen: the male part of the flower; consists of an anther (which produces pollen) and a slender filament that supports the anther
stamenode: broadened and flattened filament of a stamen; not as petal-like as a petalode
stamenoid: same as a "stamenode"
stigma: sticky, upper part of the female reproductive organ; part which receives the pollen

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