Peony Heights

All of these heights are approximations: how tall a peony bush grows depends on its location and care. Obviously a plant with abundant food and water will grow larger than a plant with scarce food and water. Also, plants with abundant sunshine will usually NOT be as tall as those with insufficient sunlight; the latter will grow taller and taller, seeking for light.

That being said, most peonies grow between 24" (60 cm) and 36" (90 cm) tall. However, some tend to grow taller, and other shorter. The following are some examples of peonies of varying heights:

Tall (up to 47''/120 cm):

Attar of Roses, Baroness Schroeder, Big Ben, Bu-te, Candy Stripe, Charlie's White, Clemenceau, Coral Charm, David Harum, Dr. Alexander Fleming, Edulis Superba, Etched Salmon, Henry Bockstoce, Hermione, Illini Warrior, Karl Rosenfield, Krinkled White, La Fée, La France, Le Charme, Lillian Gumm, Madame Jules Dessert, Martha Bulloch, Mikado, Mrs. Edward Harding, Paula Fay, Pillow Talk, Pink Hawaiian Coral, Primevère, Red Charm, Red Red Rose, Sarah Bernhardt, Sea Shell, Sword Dance.

Medium tall (up to 36"/90 cm):

Ann Cousins, Doreen, Fairy's Petticoat, Festiva Maxima, Gold Standard, Monsieur Jules Elie, Nick Shaylor, Paeonia officinalis, Plainsman, Raspberry Sundae, Roselette, Roy Pehrson's Best Yellow.

Medium (between 24"/60 cm and 36"/90 cm):

Bowl of Cream, Garden Treasure, Lady Alexandra Duff, Laura Dessert, Le Cygne, Mahogany, Many Happy Returns, Rosa Bonheur, Show Girl, Solange, Thérèse, Tourangelle, Walter Faxon, Walter Mains, Westerner, White Sands, White Wings.

Medium short (usually less than 28"/70 cm):

Auguste Dessert, Buckeye Belle, Dandy Dan, Early Scout, Flame, Jan van Leeuwen, Lavender, Longfellow, Nice Gal, Nymphe, Shirley Temple.

Short (between 12"/30 cm and 20"/50 cm):

Paeonia officinalis mollis, Paeonia peregrina, Paeonia tenuifolia, Paeonia veitchii.

To see more detailed information about one of the peony varieties listed above, please click on the underlined name of that peony variety.

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