No Staking Needed

Peonies often have such huge flowers that the weight of the blossoms bends the stalk, sometimes to the ground; these varieties require staking, or some other type of support (such as a wire "peony basket"). However, there are varieties that don't need to be staked.

Generally speaking, hybrids (whether herbaceous or intersectional) have stronger stems than regular P. lactiflora cultivars. The following are some varieties (both hybrid and lactiflora) which DO NOT NEED STAKING:

Athena, Bartzella, Big Ben, Blaze, Bowl of Beauty, Bride's Dream, Buckeye Belle, Bu-te, Claire de Lune, Cora Louise, Coral 'n Gold, Dandy Dan, Do Tell, Etched Salmon, First Arrival, Flame, Garden Treasure, Gay Paree, Gold Standard, Julia Rose, Krinkled White, Laura Dessert, Lavender, Le Charme, Mahogany, Nice Gal, Paula Fay, Pink Hawaiian Coral, Red Red Rose, Roselette, Roy Pehrson's Best Yellow, White Sands.

To see more detailed information about one of the peony varieties listed above, please click on the underlined name of that peony variety.

To get information on how to stake peonies, go to the staking section of my page on general peony care.

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