Amaryllis have huge trumpet-like flowers which can be as much as 8" (20 cm) across. They are noted for their intense colours: vibrant reds and oranges, but they are also available in pastels (pink and peach), as well as white, green, and many bicolour varieties.

Wild species of amaryllis (the correct Latin name is Hippeastrum) grow natively in South America. The large bulbs currently sold are the result of 300 years of hybridizing by Dutch growers, although in recent years many bulbs have also been developed in South Africa.

Although they are only hardy in zones 9 and 10, they are ideal for indoor forcing. Amaryllis are widely available commercially, and can be found in single, double, and miniature varieties.

Flowering time:5 - 10 weeks after planting indoors, or if planting outdoors in spring
if planted in fall, about 3 - 4 months later
Plant height:1 to 3 feet (30 - 90 cm)
Minimum planting depth:half of bulb should be showing above soil line
Hardiness zones:suitable for zones 9 and 10, or for indoor forcing
Colours:white, pink, salmon, orange, red, green, and bi-colour varieties
Shape/form:2 to 6 large trumpet-shaped blooms per stem
hollow, pale green stalk is from1 to 3 feet (30 - 90 cm) tall
long, dark green, strap-like leaves
Alternate names:Barbados Lily
Correct Latin name: hybrids of the genus Hippeastrum
Notes:outstanding for indoor forcing
Example single varieties:Apple Blossom (white and pink), Basuto (fire engine red), Beautiful Lady (peach), Bolero(deep fuschia rose), Clown (red and white striped), Denver (white), Fortune (red and white), Hercules (magenta), Lemon & Lime (pale yellow and pale green), Liberty (deep red), Milady (pink),Minerva (red and white),Orange Sovereign (orange), Picotee (white with red edges), Red Lion (scarlet), Summertime (pink and white), White Christmas (white), Zanzibar (deep orange)
Example double varieties: Allure (white tipped with red), Double Record (salmon and white), Jewel (white), Lady Jane (orange), Red Peacock (red and white)
Example miniature varieties:Bianca (white), Calimero (red), Naughty Lady (red and white striped), Pamela (red), Scarlet Baby (dark red)

Minerva Basuto

Orange Sovereign Beautiful Lady Zanzibar

Double Record Fortune Milady

Denver Lemon & Lime Jewel

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