Special Tips for Amaryllis

Unlike most other bulbs, Amaryllis bulbs will bloom again and again, provided they are properly cared for.

After the bulb finishes blooming, cut off the flower stalk close to the base, but keep the leaves: a leafy Amaryllis makes an attractive house plant even without blooms. Keep the plant moist and add house plant fertilizer regularly. Stop watering and feeding in August or September, and allow the plant to dry out completely in the sun. In the early fall, remove and clean the bulbs of old scales and dead foliage. Roots should be fleshy and not damaged.

Re-pot in a clean container with the neck of the bulb above the soil, water and place in a cool, sunny spot. Water sparingly until the first sprout appears, then keep moist. In about eight weeks the bulb will bloom again.

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