There are several different kinds of anemones. Some do better in one type of climate, others in a different type, so I'll consider each one separately.

Grecian Windflowers

The most commonly available anemone is the Grecian Windflower. A group of these looks like a clump of short, compact daisies. But they have several advantages over daisies: they bloom much earlier, they have very large blossoms (1 - 2 inches (2 - 5 cm) in diameter), and they come in gorgeous colours, like pink, blue, mauve, and fuschia.

One of the fantastic things about these flowers is that they bloom for a very long time: 4 to 6 weeks in most cases. They also naturalize very easily (i.e. come back year after year, and gradually multiply).

Anemones have a tuber rather than a bulb. The tuber looks like a dark, dry clump of earth. Before planting, soak the tubers in warm water for at least an hour (overnight, if possible). This gives them a head start, and they'll send out roots faster.

However, once you plant them, you can completely forget about them. Grecian Windflowers are totally undemanding, and will even self-seed, if they like the location.

Flowering time: early spring
Plant height:2 - 6" (5 - 15 cm)
Minimum planting depth:3" (8 cm), but depends on the size of the bulb:
you can safely plant larger Anemone bulbs 4 or 5" (10 - 12 cm) deep
Hardiness zones:suitable for zones 5 - 9
also suitable for zones 3 and 4 if a deep mulch is put on the bed in the fall
Colours:white, pink, mauve, fuschia, blue
Shape/form:flower somewhat resembles a daisy
has numerous petals with a cluster of yellow stamens
leaves are fernlike
Alternate names:Windflower, Grecian Windflower, Greek Anemone
Latin name: Anemone blanda
Notes:good under shrubs or deciduous trees, among perennial flowers, in rock gardens, beds, borders, and containers
prefers filtered shade, with humus-rich soil
flowering period lengthened if planted in area sheltered from wind
Example varieties:Blue Shades (light to dark blue shades), Blue Star (blue), Charmer (deep pink), Pink Star (pink), Radar (deep pink with white centre), Rosea (fuschia with white centre), White Splendour (white), White Star (white)

Rosea White Star Blue Star

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