Anemones (continued)

Flame Anemones

This is a terrific spring flower for those who live in the South. It is a naturally occurring hybrid which was discovered in southern France. The flowers are a brilliant red colour, about 2 - 3" (5 - 8 cm) in diameter. Once they bloom, they last for about 4 weeks.

They like a sunny location (think of sunny southern France!), with well drained soil. They are among the tallest of the anemones. This makes them excellent for cut flowers. Because of their spectacular flame red colour they stand out anywhere you plant them. In addition to all this, they also naturalize (i.e. come back year after year and gradually multiply) very easily.

Flame Anemones are rather difficult to find. Very few nurseries or gardening catalogues carry them. I suggest that you try McClure & Zimmerman, or Fraser's Thimble Farms. They are well worth a little searching for.

Flowering time: mid spring
Plant height:10 - 12" (25 - 30 cm) high
Minimum planting depth:5" (12 cm)
Hardiness zones:suitable for zones 8 - 9

Also suitable for zones 5 - 7 if bed is covered with deep mulch in fall.

Colours:bright red
Shape/form:8 oval petals, with a cluster of black stamens
Alternate names: Scarlet Windflower
Latin name: Anemone x fulgens
Notes:good for borders, cut flowers, and rock gardens
require full sun, with well drained soil
Example varieties:Anemone x fulgens (scarlet red single petals with centre of black stamens),
Anemone x fulgens Multipetala (semi-double scarlet flowers with centre of black stamens)

Anemone x fulgens

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