This plant is also known as Glory-of-the-Snow, since it blooms early enough that it will often poke through a covering of snow. Chionodoxa show up shortly after snowdrops (Galanthus); however, unlike snowdrops (which are primarily white) Chionodoxa are a gorgeous shade of blue with a white heart.

They require almost no care, they naturalize very easily, and, as an added benefit, they are normally avoided by deer and rodents.

Flowering time:Very early spring
Plant height:3 - 6" (8 - 15 cm), although some cultivated varieties grow up to 10" (25 cm) tall
Minimum planting depth:3" (8 cm)
Hardiness zones:Suitable for zones 3 - 9, although they do best in zones 4 - 8
Colours: Blue, with large white centre. Cultivated varieties may be all white, or pink and white.
Shape/form:Star-shaped flowers; may have several blooms per stalk; 2 - 3 narrow leaves grow from the base of the plant
Alternate names:Glory-of-the-Snow
Latin name: Chionodoxa forbesii; older Latin names: C. luciliae, C. gigantea
Notes: good under shrubs or deciduous trees, in rock gardens, and borders
plant in well-drained soil; prefer full sun, but will also grow in partial shade
plants will usually self-seed
Example varieties:Glory-of-the-Snow (blue with white centre), Alba (all white), Pink Giant (rose-lilac with white centre)

Glory-of-the-Snow Close up
Alba Pink Giant

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