There are actually many different species of crocuses. However, in most gardening catalogues you will normally see only two categories of crocuses mentioned: the Giant Dutch Crocuses, and everything else (sometimes the term Snow Crocuses is used). I'm going to do the same. First, the Giant Dutch Crocuses:

Giant Dutch Crocus

As the name suggests, this is the largest type of crocus, although "large" is certainly a relative term when you're talking about crocuses. Giant Dutch Crocuses are typically only about 4 - 6" (10 - 15 cm) tall. These crocuses are extremely popular and deservedly so. They come in gorgeous colours and look terrific when planted in large numbers ("drifts").

An odd number of crocuses (5 or 7) of the same colour planted in a rock garden is also very effective. They naturalize (i.e. come back year after year and slowly multiply) quite easily and require almost no care. Giant Dutch Crocuses are a must in anyone's spring garden.

Flowering time:early spring
Plant height:4 - 6" (10 - 15 cm)
Minimum planting depth:4" (10 cm)
Hardiness zones:suitable for zones 4 - 8
Colours:white, yellow, mauve, purple, blue
Shape/form:6 oval petals forming a cup-shaped flower on a short, fleshy stalk
Alternate names:Dutch Crocus, Giant Crocus, Large-Flowering Crocus
Latin name: Crocus vernus
Notes:good for rock gardens, under trees and shrubs, in lawns, in beds, borders, large drifts, and containers, or for indoor forcing
Example varieties:Jeanne d'Arc (white), Flower Record (violet-mauve), Pickwick (striped violet on bluish white background, deep violet base), Purpurea Grandiflora (deep purple), Remembrance (dark blue and purple with silvery gloss), Vanguard (silvery blue/violet outside, light purple inside), Yellow Mammoth (yellow)

Purpurea Grandiflora Jeanne d'Arc Queen of the Blues

Flower Record Yellow Mammoth Pickwick

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