Crocus (cont.)

Snow Crocus (cont.)

Crocus tommasinianus

Among the different species of crocus, Crocus tommasinianus is one of the very earliest to bloom. It grows in all soil types, produces lots of flowers, and naturalizes (i.e. comes back year after year and multiplies) very easily. Also, it comes in various delightful shades of blue, mauve, and purple. All in all, it's a terrific crocus to start your spring with.

The only variety of Crocus tommasinianus which is easy to find commercially is "Ruby Giant" (and it is deservedly popular). To find other varieties you might look in an on-line catalogue like McClure & Zimmerman, White Flower Farm, or Fraser's Thimble Farms.

Flowering time:very early spring
Plant height:3" (8 cm)
Minimum planting depth:3" (8 cm)
Hardiness zones:suitable for zones 3 - 8
Colours:blue, mauve, purple
Shape/form:6 oval petals forming a cup-shaped flower on a short, fleshy stalk
Alternate names:Species Crocus, Snow Crocus
Latin name: Crocus tommasinianus
Notes:good for rock gardens, beds, borders, and for forcing
Example varieties:Crocus tommasinianus (cobalt lavender), Barr's Purple (amethyst violet), Ruby Giant (deep reddish purple), Whitewell Purple (silvery reddish purple)

Crocus tommasinianus Barr's Purple Ruby Giant

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