Division 11: Split Corona Daffodils

The blossoms in this division have a very unusual form. The term corona in the title refers to the cup (or trumpet) of the daffodil. In Division 11 Daffodils, the cup is split for at least one-half its length, creating an open, up-facing blossom, instead of the typical trumpet. As a result, many of the flowers look more like a Hibiscus than they do a daffodil.

In addition, because of differences in the arrangement of the corona sections, Division 11 Daffodils are further divided into two groups: Collar Daffodils (Division 11a) and Papillon Daffodils (Division 11b). (The Daffodil Societies are getting awfully picky, aren't they?).

Collar Daffodils usually have a very frilly looking cup, while Papillon Daffodils have a flatter, more open face, and the colour pattern often has a streaked, sunburst effect.

Overall these are some of the showiest daffodils ever, especially for mass plantings. They are excellent as cut flowers - always a highlight in flower arrangements. Some varieties have a fragrance; I have indicated which ones by putting an asterisk (*) after the name of the variety.

Flowering time:mid spring
Plant height:12 - 18" (30 - 46 cm)
Minimum planting depth:5" (12 cm)
Hardiness zones:suitable for zones 3 - 8
Colours:white, yellow, pink, and orange (may have touches of green)
Form of Collar Daffodils:the corona (trumpet) segments are opposite the petal segments
the corona segments are usually in two whorls of three
Form of Papillon Daffodils: the corona (trumpet) segments alternate with the petal segments
the corona segments are usually in a single whorl of six.
(Note: papillon means "butterfly" in French)
Alternate names:Butterfly Narcissi, Split-Cup Narcissi
Notes:outstanding as cut flowers; good for beds and borders
Examples of Collar varieties:Cassata (lemon yellow and white), Colblanc* (white with green eye), Mondragon* (golden yellow and tangerine orange), Orangery (white and pale tangerine), Palmares (white and salmon pink), Rosado (white and peach), Tripartite* (3 or 4 lemon yellow flowers)
Examples of Papillon varieties:Broadway Star (white and orange), Lemon Beauty (white with rays of yellow), Papillon Blanc (overlapping white petals with green and yellow cup), Marie José (yellow flecked orange with white margins), Sorbet (ivory with yellow-orange), Space Shuttle (white with streaks of orange and yellow)

Tripartite Orangery Palmares

Broadway Star Papillon Blanc Space Shuttle

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