Division 4: Double Daffodils

The term double means that extra petals are present. Sometimes a daffodil will have a doubled trumpet; sometimes it will have doubled petals (i.e. perianth segments), and sometimes doubles of both. As a result, Double Daffodils may resemble carnations or even gardenias rather than daffodils. Needless to say, this can look VERY impressive.

As if this were not enough, some Double Daffodils are floriferous (i.e. have more than one blossom per stem). As well, many have wonderful fragrances. Double Daffodils are widely available commercially. It would be a sin not to have at least a few of these in your garden!

To indicate those varieties which are fragrant, I have put an asterisk (*) after the name of the variety. Those which are particularly fragrant have two asterisks.

Flowering time:mid spring
Plant height:12 - 18" (30 - 46 cm)
Minimum planting depth:6" (15 cm)
Hardiness zones:most are suitable for zones 3 - 8

a few varieties are only suitable for warmer climates: Abba* (zones: 5 - 9), Bridal Crown** (zones 4 - 9), Cheerfulness** (zones 4 - 9), Erlicheer* (zones 6 - 9)

Colours:white or yellow with white, yellow, pink, peach, orange, or red cup/centre
Shape/form:double of the perianth segments ("petals") or the corona ("cup"), or both
one or more flowers to a stem
Alternate names:none
Notes:excellent for cut flower arrangements; good for beds and borders
require some protection from the wind
Example varieties:Abba* (white with orange, 3-5 florets per stem), Acropolis* (white with orange-red cup), Bridal Crown** (creamy white and saffron yellow cup, 3-6 florets per stem), Cheerfulness** (white with yellow cup, 2-3 florets per stem), Delnashaugh (white with apricot cup), Erlicheer* (white with honey yellow cup, 6 to 12 or more on a stem), Flower Drift (white with orange-yellow cup), Golden Ducat (golden yellow), Ice King (white with yellow cup), Manly (yellow with mandarin orange), Obdam (cream to white), Petit Four (white with apricot pink), Replete (white with peach), Rosy Cloud (white with rosy pink), Sir Winston Churchill** (creamy white with orange, 2-3 florets per stem), Tahiti (yellow with orange), White Lion* (white and soft yellow), Yellow Cheerfulness** (primrose yellow, 2-3 florets per stem)

Golden Dukat Manly Yellow Cheerfulness

Replete Ice King Rosy Cloud

Obdam Petit Four Tahiti

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