Dramatic Flowers

You can create a dramatic impression in your spring flower bed by using flowers of great height, unusual shape, or dramatic colouring:

Dramatic Size

If you are looking for tall, impressive flowers, your best choices are Darwin Hybrid Tulips and Single Late Tulips. Some varieties can grow up to 30" (75 cm) tall. Click on different areas of the chart below to see more details about each:

Darwin Hybrid Tulips Single Late Tulips

Dramatic Shape

If you want flowers that have unusual shapes, try some of the following:

Parrot Tulips have waved and twisted petals; the petals of Fringed Tulips have frayed fringes; Lily-flowered Tulips look like urns; Cyclamineus Daffodils have swept-back "wings"; Split Corona Daffodils can have a multitude of frills, and Double Daffodils look like gardenias.

Click on different areas of the chart below to see more details about each:

Parrot Tulips Fringed Tulips
Lily-flowered Tulips Split-corona Daffodils
Cyclamineus Daffodils Double Daffodils

Dramatic Colours

If you want dramatic contrasts of colour, Rembrandt Tulips have bold streaks and stripes of contrasting colours.

Rembrandt Tulips

If you want bold or unusual (solid colour) flowers, you need to be specific as to the named variety. The following chart provides a few examples. To see more about the specific variety, click on the underlined category that precedes it:

black Darwin Hybrid Tulips: Queen of the Night (black), Single Late Tulips: Black Diamond (purple with black edges)
greenNo spring-flowering bulbs produce all-green flowers. However, you can get: Muscari armeniacum: Fantasy Creation* (blue, but gaining green overtones with maturity), Long Cup Daffodils: St. Patrick's Day (lemon-lime petals with yellow trumpet that matures to white trumpet with yellow rim), and Viridiflora Tulips, all of which have streaks of green against other, contrasting colours.
fuschia pinkHyacinths: Jan Bos* (deep fuschia pink), Triumph Tulips: Peer Gynt (fuschia pink)
orangeParrot Tulips: Apricot Parrot* (bright apricot-colored, pink striped), Orange Favourite* (orange), Fosteriana Tulips: Orange Emperor* (orange with yellow base), Darwin Hybrid Tulips: Orange Bowl (orange and yellow), Oranjezon* (orange), Triumph Tulips: Jimmy (orange), Lily-flowered Tulips: Ballerina* (orange), Fringed Tulips: Aleppo (orange and yellow), Single Early Tulips: General de Wet* (orange)
purple Hyacinths: Peter Stuyvesant* (royal blue-purple), Woodstock* (red purple); Double Late Tulips: Uncle Tom (dark maroon), Triumph Tulips: Attila (violet purple), Negrita (dark purple), Single Late Tulips: Greuze (purple), Viridiflora Tulips: Green Wave (purple with green streaks), Single Early Tulips: Purple Prince (purple), Botanical Species Tulips: Tulipa humilis Persian Pearl (magenta with central gold star), Tulipa humilis Violacea (purple mauve with yellow centre), Tulipa humilis Violacea Black Base (reddish purple with black centre),

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