Planting Spring-flowering Bulbs

Growing flowers from bulbs is incredibly easy. Just dig a hole, put in a bulb, fill with soil, then water, and wait. Then, next spring: presto! You have beautiful spring flowers.

If you're not really into gardening, that's all you have to know. If you want everything to be perfect, read on. The following links will provide more details:

WHEN: what time of year to plant the bulbs

WHERE: where to plant the bulbs

HOW: how exactly to plant the bulbs

HOW MANY: how many bulbs to plant

HOW DEEP: how deep to dig the hole

HOW FAR APART: how far apart to place the bulbs

WHAT TO DO AFTER FLOWERING: what care is needed after bulbs finish flowering

INDOOR FORCING: how to grow bulbs indoors out of season

The amount of gardening information available on the internet is immense, and growing all the time. Although I have tried to make my site as comprehensive as possible, it is by no means a complete "encylopedia" of information about spring-flowering bulbs. The following will provide you with even more information:

LINKS TO BULB INFORMATION: some useful links to other websites

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