Red Spring Flowers

Species & varietyredraspberryscarletcrimson
Flame AnemoneFlame Anemone   
Single Early TulipChristmas Marvel, Couleur Cardinal Brilliant Star 
Double Early TulipAbba = Carlton   
Triumph TulipBing CrosbyThe MountiesOscarBastogne
Darwin Hybrid TulipApeldoorn, ParadeBig ChiefHolland's Glory, Oxford 
Single Late TulipAvignon Dillenburg Kingsblood
Lily-flowered Tulip Mariette  
Fringed Tulip Burgundy Lace  
Parrot TulipTexas Fire   
Double Late TulipMiranda   
Kaufmanniana TulipShowwinner Fashion, Scarlet Baby 
Fosteriana TulipMadame Lefeber = Red Emperor   
Greigii Tulip  Red Riding Hood 
Botanical Species TulipT. batalini Red Gem, T. linifolia,
T. humilis
Little Beauty
T. humilis Eastern StarT. hageri splendens
(copper tones)
Multiflowering TulipPraestans Fusilier   

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