Reliable Spring Bulbs

You're looking for something you can "Plant and Forget" &mdash you put it in the ground, and with very little care, it will come up reliably year after year. Rejoice! There are several choices that fit the bill. Click on any section of the following table to see details about any of these flowering bulbs:

Muscari Lily of the Valley
Scilla Wood Anemone
Grecian Windflower Dwarf Iris (Iris reticulata)
Snow Crocus Giant Dutch Crocus

Unfortunately, few of these are very tall (with the exception of some of the Scilla, which can grow up to 18" — 46 cm). If you want tall, easy-to-grow bulbs, your best bet is the Darwin Hybrid Tulips. They are among the tallest of the tulips, and often come back year after year.

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