Shade-loving Spring Bulbs

Most flowering plants prefer full sun, and the more hours of full sunlight the better. However there are a handful of few spring-flowering bulbs which you can plant that will do extremely well in shade. The following table lists them; click on any part to see details about the particular flower:

1. Lily of the Valley 2. Scilla tubergeniana
3. English Bluebell 4. Spanish Bluebell
5. Wood Anemone 6. Grecian Windflower
7. Snowdrop 8. Siberian Squill

Unfortunately, as you can see, these flowers don't come in a great variety of colours; your choices are white or various shades of blue, mauve, or pink.

If you want something else, you'll need a location where your bulbs can get some direct sunlight. Normally bulbs need at least 8 hours of full sun per day to repeatedly produce blooms on a yearly basis.

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