Class 12: Kaufmanniana Tulips

Kaufmanniana Tulips were developed from the Tulipa kaufmanniana species, which is native to Turkestan. They are some of the earliest tulips to flower. Kaufmanniana Tulips are generally very low growing (some are only 4 - 5"/10 - 12 cm tall), which makes them ideal for rock gardens and containers. If left undisturbed, they will normally return year after year and gradually multiply.

The flowers have pointed petals which open almost completely flat on sunny days. A fully-opened Kaumanniana Tulip looks more like a water lily than a tulip. Some varieties have been cultivated to take advantage of this, so that the inside colour is sometimes dramatically different from the outside.

Not all nurseries offer a wide assortment of Kaufmanniana varieties. If you have trouble finding more than one or two varieties, you might try an on-line catalog like: Botanus, or the Clare Bulb Company.

Flowering time: early spring
Kaufmanniana Tulips typically flower only slightly later than Fosteriana Tulips and certain Botanical Species of Tulips but before most other types of Tulips
Plant height:4 - 12" (10 - 30 cm); average: 6" (15 cm)
Minimum planting depth:4 - 5" (10 - 12 cm)
Hardiness zones: suitable for zones 3 - 8
Colours:white, yellow, pink, orange, red, violet
Shape/form:single cup-shaped flower with six, pointed, slightly reflexed petals, on a short stem
flower opens almost completely flat in sun
leaves are most often striped or mottled
Alternate names: Water Lily Tulips
Notes:ideal for rock gardens and containers; good for borders and beds
foliage is wind resistant
Example varieties: Concerto (cream), Fashion (orange-red), Gaiety (rose violet and white), Giuseppe Verdi (red and creamy yellow), Heart's Delight (red and pink), Johann Strauss (red and pale yellow), Scarlet Baby (red), Shakespeare (red and orange), Showwinner (red), Stresa (red and yellow), Sweet Lady (cream base and red), Tarafa (red and white)

Fashion Concerto Shakespeare

Tarafa Sweet Lady Stresa

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