Class 3: Triumph Tulips

These tulips are the result of a cross between the Single Early Tulips and some of the later flowering varieties. Triumph Tulips are the largest and most important class of tulips.

They come in every possible shade of colour possible for tulips, including some marvelous pastels. They are particularly prized for their beautiful, traditional "tulip" flower shape.

They have sturdy stems, which allows them to stand up well to bad weather. They make excellent cut flowers, as they have a long vase life. Finally, many consider them to be the absolute best type of tulip for indoor forcing.

A few varieties have a fragrance; I have indicated which ones by putting an asterisk (*) after the name of the variety.

Flowering time:Mid-spring.

Triumph Tulips bloom about 10 days before Darwin Hybrid Tulips.

Plant height:8 - 26" (20 - 68 cm); average: 16 - 22" (40 - 56 cm)
Minimum planting depth: 6" (15 cm)
Hardiness zones: suitable for zones 3 - 7
Colours:white, pink, apricot, yellow, orange, red, purple
Shape/form:one cup-shaped flower on a strong, medium-length stem
Alternate names: none
Notes:good for indoor forcing, cut flowers, beds, and borders
Example varieties: Annie Schilder* (deep pink and orange), Apricot Beauty (apricot), Astarte (red with white edges), Attila (violet purple), Barcelona (fuschia purple), Bastogne* (blood red), Beauty Queen (apricot), Bellona* (yellow), Bing Crosby (scarlet red), Calgary (white), Don Quichotte (dark pink), Gavotta (yellow and burgundy), Helmar (yellow with red streaks), Hibernia (white), Ice Follies (white and red), Jimmy (orange), Makassar (yellow), Meissner Porzellan (white with pink edges), Negrita (dark purple), Oscar (scarlet red), Page Polka (cream with pink edges), Peer Gynt (fuschia pink), Purple Star (dark red), Salmon Jewel* (pink and purple), Shirley (white with purple edges), The Mounties (rasberry), White Dream (white)

Apricot Beauty Page Polka Meissner Porzellan

Atilla Calgary Negritta

Jimmy Oscar Bing Crosby

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