Class 7: Fringed Tulips

These tulips have petals which are topped with fringes that look like the frayed edge of a piece of satin fabric. Some garden centres may carry only two or three varieties of Fringed Tulips, but they are gradually becoming more popular, not only because the flowers look so elegant, but also because the blooms are quite long-lasting.

Flowering time:variable, although many flower in late spring (i.e. those that are mutants of Single Late Tulips)
Plant height:8 - 30" (20 - 75 cm); depends on which class they mutated from
Minimum planting depth:6" (15 cm)
Hardiness zones: suitable for zones 3 - 7
Colours:white, pink, apricot, yellow, orange, red, purple
Shape/form:one cup-shaped bloom with "crystal-shaped" fringes on top of each petal, on a medium to long stem
Alternate names:Crispa Tulips
Notes:good for cut flowers, beds, and borders
Example varieties: Aleppo (orange and yellow), Blue Heron (violet and white) Burgundy Lace (red), Fancy Frills (cream and pink), Fringed Elegance (lemon yellow with bronze base), Hamilton (golden yellow), Red Wing (red, black, yellow), Swan Wings (white)

Aleppo Fringed Elegance Hamilton

Burgundy Lace Fancy Frills Blue Heron

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