Class 8: Viridiflora Tulips

The term Viridiflora is derived from two Latin words: viridis meaning green and flos meaning flower. All Viridiflora Tulips have a streak of green somewhere on each petal. This contrasts dramatically with the basic flower colour (white, pink, gold, etc.).

In addition to this spectacular colour contrast, Viridiflora Tulips are also known for their exceptionally long flowering capability. This makes them a welcome and worthwhile addition to any garden.

Flowering time:variable; depends on which class of Tulip they mutated from
most are late spring flowering (since many mutated from the Single Late class)
Plant height:variable; depends on which class of they Tulip mutated from
range in height from 10 to 30" (25 - 75 cm); average: 16 - 24" (40 - 60 cm)
Minimum planting depth:6" (15 cm)
Hardiness zones: suitable for zones 3 - 7
Colours:base colour: white, pink, yellow, orange, red, mauve
typically have a green stripe that extends from the base to the terminating point of each petal
Shape/form:variable; depends on which class of they tulip mutated from
most have a single cup-shaped bloom on a long, sturdy stem
Alternate names:Green Tulips
Notes:good for beds, borders, and as cut flowers
Example varieties: Artist (red with green streaks), Greenland/Groenland (rose with green streaks), Golden Artist (golden yellow with green streaks), Green Wave (purple parrot Tulip with green streaks), Humminbird (lemon yellow with green streaks), Pimpernel (raspberry with green streaks), Spring Green (creamy white with green streaks), Violet Bird (mauve with green streaks)

Golden Artist Hummingbird Artist

Green Wave Spring Green Greenland

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