Best Varieties for Indoor Forcing

Not all varieties of a species are equally good for indoor forcing. The following are a selection of the varieties which are most commongly recommended for forcing:

Best Tulip Varieties:

1. Single early: Apricot Beauty (salmon pink), Brilliant Star (scarlet), Charles (blood-red), Christmas Dream (fuschia-red), Christmas Marvel (deep pink), Esther (fuchsia pink), Flair (red with yellow edges), Joffre (deep yellow), Merry Christmas (carmine red with a white base), Red Paradise (vermilion)

2. Double early: Abba (cherry red), Kareol (deep golden yellow), Monsella (yellow with red flames), Monte Carlo (sulfur yellow), Montreux (ivory yellow, gradually blushes to rose), Peach Blossom (carmine pink with a white base), Queen of Marvel (pinkish red), Stockholm (bright red), Verona (yellow), Viking (scarlet with green stripes)

3. Triumph: Abra (dark mahogany-red with yellow edges), All Seasons (cherry red), Annie Schilder (rosy orange), Arie Hoek (red), Bing Crosby (brilliant scarlet), Blenda (carmine red with white base), Carola (dark pink), Cassini (blood red), Friso (red), Golden Melody (bright yellow), Hibernia (pure white), Hollandia (vermillion), Inzel (ivory-white), Kees Nelis (bright red with broad yellow edges), Leo Visser (light red with white edges), Lustella (bright china rose), Merry Widow (red with white edges), Orange Monarch (orange and red), Paul Richter (bright red), Pax (pure white), Preludium (carmine pink with a white base), Prince Charles (purple-violet), Prominence (deep red), Snowstar (pure white), Thule (yellow and red), Topwhite (white), Yellow Flight (yellow), Yellow Present (creamy yellow)

4. Darwin Hybrid: Van Eijk (salmon)

5. Single Late: Bastogne (red)

7. Fringed: Arma (red), Madison Garden (carmine with pink edges)

10. Parrot: Rococo (carmine red with fire red edges)

11. Double Late: Angelique (blush pink), Globe (dark pink), Wirosa (bordeaux red with cream edges)

14. Greigii: Pinocchio (scarlet with ivory white edges), Plaisir (carmine red with yellow edges), Red Riding Hood (carmine red with yellow edges)

Tulip Tip: Plant bulbs with flat side facing the rim. This positions the larger outer leaves toward the pot rim, where they will drape gracefully over the edge of the pot.

Best Daffodil (Narcissus) Varieties:

1. Trumpet: Arctic Gold (yellow), Ballade (golden-yellow), Brighton (golden-yellow with lemon-yellow trumpet), Dutch Master (golden-yellow), Easter Joy (yellow), Exception (yellow), Foresight (white with bright yellow trumpet), Goblet (creamy-white with yellow trumpet), Golden Harvest (golden-yellow), Gold Medal (golden-yellow), Las Vegas (white with yellow trumpet), Magnet (white with yellow trumpet), Mount Hood (ivory-white), Primeur (deep golden yellow, cup has serrated edges), Princewinner (yellow), Royal Gold (yellow), Spellbinder (canary yellow with pale yellow trumpet), Standard Value (yellow), Unsurpassable (canary yellow with gold-yellow trumpet)

2. Long Cup: Accent (white with pink cup), Carlton (canary-yellow with gold-yellow cup), Flower Record (white with yellow and red cup), Fortissimo (yellow with orange cup), Fortune (canary-yellow with orange cup), Gigantic Star (canary-yellow), Ice Follies (white with canary-yellow cup), Johan Strauss (white with orange cup), Juanita (canary-yellow with bright orange cup), Pinza (yellow with orange cup), Salome (white with salmon pink cup, rimmed with gold), Scarlet O'Hara (bright yellow with luminous orange cup), Slim Whitman (white-yellow with orange cup), Yellow Sun (canary-yellow with yellow cup)

3. Short Cup: Barrett Browning (white with orange cup)

4. Double: Bridal Crown (white with yellow centre), Sir Winston Churchill (white with orange centre), Van Sion (yellow)

6. Cyclamineus: February Gold (yellow, miniature), Jack Snipe (white with yellow trumpet), Peeping Tom (yellow), Quince (yellow), Tête-à-Tête (yellow, miniature)

8. Tazetta: Cragford (white with orange-red cup), Geranium (white with orange cup), all Paperwhites (eg. Bethlehem, Chinese Sacred Lily, Erlicheer, Galilee, Grand Soleil D'Or, Omri, Nazareth, Ziva)

10. Bulbocodium: Golden Bells (yellow)

11. Split corona: Cassata (pale yellow with lemon yellow cup)

Daffodil Tip: Daffodils require very bright light, such as that found in a greenhouse, to flower well. Too little sun results in leggy growth and no blossoms.

Suggested Hyacinth Varieties:

Amsterdam (deep red), Anna Liza (lilac blue), Anna Marie (pale pink), Atlantic (blue), Blue Jacket (violet), Blue Star (lilac blue), Carnegie (white), City of Haarlem (soft yellow), Colosseum (white), Delft Blue (soft lilac blue), Jan Bos (spiraea-red), King of the Blues (indigo blue), Lady Derby (pale pink), L'Innocence (ivory-white), Marconi (deep pink), Ostara (blue), Pink Pearl (brilliant bright pink), Splendid Cornelia (pastel lilac), White Pearl (white)

Best Giant Dutch Crocus Varieties:

Flower Record (violet-mauve), Jeanne d'Arc (pure white), Peter Pan (white), Pickwick (striped violet on bluish white background, deep violet base), Remembrance (dark blue and purple with silvery gloss)

Suggested Snow Crocus (Crocus chrysanthus) Varieties:

Advance (peachy yellow inside, violet outside), Blue Pearl (pale lavender blue), Cream Beauty (soft creamy yellow), Goldilocks (canary yellow), Lady Killer (deep violet purple outside, white inside, pointed petals), Prins Claus (white with dark purple blotches on outside), Snowbunting (white with yellow centre), Zwanenburg Bronze (bronze with yellow)

Other Suggested Species/Varieties:

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