Where to Plant Bulbs?

Where should you plant your bulbs? The short answer is: any where you want. If the bulbs don't like the location, they won't grow, which tells you not to put them there again next time.

The long answer is: try to take into account as many of the following factors as possible:

  1. Plant in a sunny location. If at all possible, never plant bulbs in a spot where the flowers will be in shade for most of the day. As a general rule, the more sunshine you give any flowering plant, the more blossoms it will produce.

    Most bulbs will tolerate partial shade, but they just won't produce as many blooms the following year. There are a few bulbs that actually prefer a bit of shade (see Shade Loving), but they are the exceptions to a general rule.

  2. Make sure the area has good drainage. If not, dig the hole for the bulbs a little deeper than necessary, and add extra sand or gravel to the soil directly under the bulbs.

  3. Place the bulbs in an attactive arrangement. Click here to see my Landscaping Suggestions.

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